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Gas Safe registered experts

Gas boilers should be checked regularly and maintenance carried out as required by a gas safe engineer. At Metro Plumb, we have a growing network of Gas Safe engineers, they provide a full package for all your gas appliances including boiler servicing, boiler removal, installation, repairs and maintenance or leak detection.

Regardless of what time you need a Gas Safe Registered plumber, Metro Plumb are here to help. We offer all our clients free no obligation quotations and estimates on all plumbing, heating and drainage works across the UK.

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Most of our customers pay £70 – 100 for

boiler servicing. 
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*T&C’s apply, costs may vary based on location, parts and/or complexity.

Our gas safe engineers offer a range of services:

As gas safe specialists, our local plumbing experts can help you with a range of gas services, including boiler servicing, boiler removal, installation, repairs and maintenance.


Boiler service

Boiler breakdown and repairs

Boiler replacement

Change from a vented system to a combination boiler system

Boiler installations

Leak identification and repair

Condensing water gas heaters

CP12 landlord certificates

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Our local, professional plumbers are highly trained, fully insured and DBS checked, with an excellent first-time fix rate. So you can rely on them to get your plumbing problem sorted in no time.

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We are a national plumbing company with over 40 depots across the UK and we’re dedicated to putting the needs of our local customers first. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, in fact, the majority of our work comes as referrals from happy customers, which is testament to our level of service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can any plumber fix my boiler?

No, only Gas Safe Registered plumbers are qualified to work on gas boilers. Search your postcode to find out if we have a Gas Safe plumber available in your area.

Why has the pressure dropped on my boiler?

The pressure drop in your boiler could be caused by a leak in the system, or from releasing air or water from a radiator when bleeding it. If your pressure has dropped you should look for leaks, stop using the system and call a Gas Registered engineer.

Why is the pressure too high on my boiler?

There could be many causes of high pressure on your boiler, below we’ve listed some of the most common reasons.

  • If you’ve repressurised your boiler because the pressure was low, it may have been overestimated
  • If there’s too much water in the system
  • Parts within the boiler might be broken or not working correctly
  • A leak in the pressure release valve (PRV)

Why don't I have any hot water?

There are a few common reasons that can affect hot water coming from your boiler. Below we’ve put a list of the most common questions, to have you troubleshoot the problem before calling a plumber.

Is there a problem with the power?

Check your fuse box to make sure a switch hasn’t tripped.

Is the pilot light on?

If not, try relighting it following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Is there a water pressure issue?

A typical boiler should be between 1 and 1.5 bar, if yours isn’t you can adjust it carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Is the thermostat set high enough?

Depending on the type of boiler, it may need a higher temperature to switch on.

Is the timer correct?

Power cuts or accidental knocks can change the time setting on your boiler. Check that yours is still set to the current time and date.

Do you have a water tank or cylinder?

If so, the problem might lie with it and not the boiler. Check your settings are still showing as you would expect.

Does the boiler need to be reset?

Locate your reset button and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Is there a frozen pipe?

In cold weather, the condensation within the pipes may have frozen.

If you’ve tried all the above and still have no hot water, it’s time to call a Gas Safe registered plumber. Search our postcode to find your nearest Metro Plumb plumber.

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