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If your boiler completely breaks down, you’ll know about it – and fast because you won’t have access to hot water or heating. But before it stops working entirely, there are some tell-tale signs you can look out for that might indicate you need a new boiler.


Your Boiler Is Over 10 Years Old

General guidance suggests that boilers over 10 years old should be replaced. Boiler technology evolves, making older models less efficient, less effective, and potentially not as safe as newer boilers.


Your Boiler Regularly Breaks Down

If you’re constantly calling out a boiler engineer to check what’s wrong with your heating or hot water, your boiler might be at the point it needs replacing. Paying for replacement parts and call out charges for quick fixes mounts up; invest in a new boiler instead.

However, unlike most plumbing companies, Metro Plumb do not charge a call-out fee.


The Pressure on Your Boiler Is Always Dropping

With pressurised heating systems, small leaks in the system will cause the system pressure to drop. Pressure relief safety valves can also release water from the system. But if neither of these are the cause of pressure drops, you’ll need to have your boiler assessed.


Your Boiler or Radiators Are Noisy

Any banging, gurgling, and kettling noises from your boiler or radiators indicate something is wrong. Call an engineer to see if it can be rectified, but if not, and your boiler is very old it may be time to purchase a new one.


The Boiler Isn’t Energy Efficient

One of the reasons older boilers should be replaced is their energy credentials. Boilers are rated A to G, with A-rated systems the most energy-efficient. Less efficient boilers will cost you extra money in heating bills, so replacing your inefficient boiler with a newer A-rated version could save you between £45 and £300 a year on your heating bill. (source: Energy Savings Trust, August 2021).


The Flame in Your Boiler Is Yellow

A healthy boiler flame should be bright blue. If it’s burning yellow, it’s a sign that the combustion of the gasses is incorrect which could cause a carbon monoxide problem. Carbon monoxide is dangerous – it’s colourless and odourless and could be fatal to the people in your home if exposure levels are high; symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include fatigue, nausea, headache, and dizziness.


It’s Hard to Find Replacement Parts for Your Boiler

If your boiler needs replacements, but it’s difficult to find the parts, it’s a sign the boiler is no longer fit for purpose. Rather than paying out over the odds for hard-to-find parts, it would pay dividends to invest in a new boiler.


It Just Doesn’t Do the Job

If your house never feels warm enough, if the heating takes ages to reach the selected temperature, or you’re always running out of hot water, it could be time to replace your boiler. Call out your heating engineer and have them diagnose what your next steps should be.


Contact a Boiler Replacement Specialist

If you’re experiencing any of these problems and need advice on whether you need a boiler replacement to power your home, contact Metro Plumb. Our expert plumbers are trained to provide the highest quality of boiler service and repairs and will be able to identify when your boiler needs replacing.

We offer localised care across a national footprint, meaning there’s always a Metro Plumb engineer nearby. We’re friendly, professional, and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, so we’re always on hand to help you if the time has come to invest in a new heating system.

Find your local Metro Plumb by visiting our find a local plumber page or call us on 0808 250 9949.

20th December 2021   |    Blogs