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Boiler manufacturers recommend household boilers should be serviced annually. Functioning correctly and safely, a boiler will ensure your property is kept warm and comfortable.

If a boiler isn’t serviced regularly, issues can arise, putting people’s health and well-being at risk. So, what’s included in a boiler service, and why is it so important to have them done regularly?


How a Boiler Works

Though there are many different boilers on the market today, one of the most common types is the combination boiler. A combination boiler uses a flame to heat water which is then pumped through pipework located around a property. It flows to radiators and taps, providing heating and hot water.


What’s Included in a Boiler Service?

When you book a service, a plumber will visit your property to check it’s operating properly. The plumber will ensure it’s achieving the correct combustion levels and use a gas analyser to check the ratio of gases within the system. They’ll check its efficiency and ensure there are no leaks in the system that might be emitting dangerous fumes. Plus, they’ll assess the individual components of a boiler, such as its motorised valves or the central heating pump, ensuring they’re in good condition and don’t need replacing.


Why Should Boilers Be Serviced Annually?

It’s essential to have your boiler serviced annually to ensure that it’s still operating safely and efficiently even as the system ages. For example, a service might identify a boiler is using excessive amounts of fuel. This shortens the boiler’s lifespan, meaning you’ll need to pay for repairs or even a replacement sooner rather than later. Additionally, a service can identify the potential for gas leaks; if carbon monoxide leaks from a boiler into a property, it can pose a threat to life.


Do Older Boilers Require a Different Type of Service?

Older boilers still require a standard service once a year; however, they’re less likely to have safety devices built into them, so it’s harder to identify in between services if something is wrong. Modern boilers include full diagnostic tools so that you can be alerted to any issues within your boiler. If you have an older boiler, you might want to book an engineer to visit you bi-annually to give it a once over more regularly. An engineer should be able to predict the remaining lifespan of your boiler and will be able to identify if it’s in urgent need of replacement.


Is It Always Necessary to Hire a Heating Engineer to Carry out a Service?

Only gas qualified engineers and plumbers can service boilers. Homeowners should never try to service a boiler themselves; it’s extremely dangerous and will also void any nullify any warranty.


What Level of Customer Care Can I Expect from a Metro Plumb Engineer When They Service My Boiler?

Metro Plumb’s engineers and are trained to provide the highest quality boiler repair service. From initial contact via phone or web enquiry to our expert plumbing engineers attending site to service your boiler, we’re dedicated to helping our customers and putting their needs first. We offer localised care across a national footprint, meaning there’s always a Metro Plumb engineer nearby.


Contact a Boiler Service Specialist

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