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Above Ground Pump Experts

Here at Metro Plumb, we can design, supply and install a range of above ground pumps, with the help of our sister company, Willow Pumps, to solve any low water pressure or other clean water issues you may have. Whether you need to tackle hard water, or want an entire high rise’s water supply boosting, we can help.

There are a range of different booster pumps that we can supply, install, and maintain for you, specifically designed for your low water pressure needs. These can be added into new build project plans, used to replace a current boosting set or retro fitted into a current property. Our expert designers can advise on certain design criteria or carry out the complete design of your boosted water system, including cold water booster sets, cold water storage tanks and distribution pipework (risers and horizontal pipework runs).

Don’t suffer with low water pressure problems. Simply give us a call on 0808 250 9949 or fill out our form, and we’ll be happy to help!

Our expert pump technicians can design, supply and install a range of above ground pumps.
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Design, Supply and Install of Above Ground Pumps

Our fully qualified, highly trained Willow Pumps technicians can deal with any above ground pump need or issue you may have, from maintaining a current booster set to complete new installations – and all with friendly, reliable service!


Above ground pump installation

Faulty above ground pump repair

Above ground pump maintenance

Booster pump installation

Faulty booster pump repairs

Cold water booster units

Hot water booster units

CAT5 booster/tank combination units

Booster pump maintenance

Cold Water Booster Sets

Used in buildings where the mains water pressure isn’t strong enough to meet the pressure requirements of a building, due to issues such as:

  • The static height of the building
  • Excessive frictional losses in pipework/equipment
  • Water authorities lowering the mains pressure
  • A high-pressure requirement of certain sanitary ware


CAT 5 Booster/Tank Combination Units

These booster pumps have a variety of uses such as garden irrigation, multi-storey window washes and bin wash downs. These combination packaged sets can be built to achieve the required flow and pressure by utilising 1 or 2 pumps (usually but not limited to) with a suitably sized break tank either mounted on the same skid or on a purpose built frame above the pumps to minimise the footprint. These packaged sets are fully WRAS approved and can be offered with either fixed or variable speed pumps – depending on the application.


Circulation Pumps

There are a complete range of domestic and commercial circulation pumps for all water systems, including:

  • Heating systems
  • Boiler shunt pumps
  • Boiler primary and secondary systems
  • Storage tank circuits (destratification)
  • Solar systems and hot water secondary (HWS) return systems

The pumps are available in fixed speed or variable speed versions with single or twin head options. All the pumps on offer are ErP compliant (Energy Related Products), and have the latest technology invertor controls which allow for maximum efficiency at all times, making them the most cost-effective solution on the market.


Pressurisation Units

Pressurisation units (PUs) or booster pumps form part of a heating or chilled water system and are designed to increase water pressure throughout a system and overcome the static height to ensure there’s adequate pressure, keeping the uppermost part of the system full of water.

They also top up the system when there is a loss of pressure due to evaporation or leaks, so it maintains the pressure within the sealed system.

There is a wide range of PUs available from some of the largest manufacturers, with single or twin pump units.

These are the some of the most common types of above ground pumps that our sister company, Willow Pumps, can supply for your clean water. However, we have a full range of products available to suit any clean water issue you may have.

If you are interested in any of the products listed, or would like to find out more about how we can help you with your above ground pump needs, get in touch today.

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