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Expert Frozen Pipe Repair Services


A cold spell can cause pipes to freeze, blocking your water supply and resulting in a burst pipe. Frozen pipes are a common winter plumbing issue but don’t worry, our expert plumbers are on hand to help you.

When the weather is below freezing, boiler issues, a drop in water pressure or no water at all, are tell-tale signs that you have a frozen pipe. If left unprotected, pipes will continue to freeze in cold weather, putting stress on your pipes and leaving them vulnerable to bursting.


Don’t suffer from frozen pipe issues and risk pipes bursting. Our local plumbers are available 24/7 all year round. Just give us a call on 0808 250 9949 or send us a message, and we’ll get it sorted!

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Our fully qualified and highly trained local plumbers are available to repair any plumbing problem caused by frozen pipes – all with friendly, reliable service!


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How to Tell if You Have a Frozen Pipe

There are a few common signs to look out for when the weather is cold. The most common sign is low or no water pressure; if there’s no water coming from your taps, or your toilet struggles to refill after a flush, then it’s likely you have a frozen pipe. Another way you can tell is to monitor the performance of your boiler and central heating system, a drop in performance may indicate a frozen pipe, such as the boilers condensation pipe. An obvious sign commonly seen on external plumbing is a build-up of frost or ice, this most likely indicates that your pipe is leaking, making it easier for your pipe to freeze.


What Happens if a Frozen Pipe if Left Unprotected?

The more times a pipe freezes and thaws out, the more vulnerable it is to bursting. This is because the freeze-thaw process with expand and contract the pipe, weaking the structure until it eventually breaks. This may start with a small, hairline crack, or it may cause the pipe to burst completely, which in turn can cause extensive water damage, especially if it isn’t caught quickly.


How to Protect Pipes From Freezing

The thought of the damage a frozen pipe may cause can be scary, but don’t worry there are steps you can take to protect your plumbing, and minimise the risk to your property. The quickest and easiest way to protect your pipes is to insulate them, this is called lagging and is especially important on external pipes which are vulnerable to the elements. It’s also important to fix any leaks within your plumbing, as small drops of water can easily freeze, causing pipes to expand and worsening the leak. It can also be beneficial to keep your heating on low consistently throughout the cold weather, this ensures your pipes will stay above 0 degrees and prevents freezing. Servicing your boiler annually will also help to ensure your heating is reliable throughout winter.

As well as preventative measures, you can also protect your plumbing after your pipes have already frozen. The most important step is to know where your stop tap is located, as this ensures you can isolate your water supply in the event of a burst pipe, which will protect your property from as much water damage as possible.


How Can Metro Plumb Help

All of our plumbers are highly trained and can repair any frozen pipe problem you may have to restore your plumbing back to it’s former glory. Whether it’s a small freeze or a burst pipe, we’re on hand 24/7 every day of the year. Get in touch today to see how we can help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to tell if you have a frozen pipe?

The most common signs that you have a frozen pipe are:

  • low water supply
  • no water supply
  • boiler issues
  • heating issues

How to fix a frozen pipe?

The easiest way to fix a frozen pipe is to pour warm water over it to defrost it, however you must ensure that the water isn’t too hot as this can damage the pipe and increases the risk of burning yourself. If this doesn’t work then you should call a plumber to help you, this will ensure you don’t cause any further damage to your plumbing or risk any injury to yourself.

How can I stop my pipes from freezing?

Insulating your pipes will help to protect them from the cold weather, this is called lagging. You can also keep your heating on low to prevent your pipes getting cold enough to freeze.

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