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As temperatures drop over the winter months plumbing is susceptible to freezing; especially external pipes which are more vulnerable to the elements. It’s important to protect your pipework from freezing and bursting to prevent any damage to your property.


The Impact on Your Property

If left unprotected, your pipework is vulnerable to a number of winter plumbing problems:

  • Increased risk of burst pipes – pipes are susceptible to freezing, which causes pipes to expand and burst. This causes water damage and can affect your water supplies too
  • Increased risk of leaks – small amounts of water in your pipes or taps can freeze easily, this can cause hairline cracks or loosened valves which then lead to leaks
  • Increased risk of boiler issues – with the lower temperatures the demand for heating in winter puts added pressure on the boiler and they can break down, leaving you without heating


    Our Top Tips to Protect Your Plumbing

    Protecting your plumbing and preventing these issues is easier than you think, following these 4 simple steps can help to prevent plumbing issues or prevent damage in the event of a burst pipe.

      1. Insulate pipes – adding insulation, also known as lagging, to your pipes will help to give them protection from freezing temperatures
      2. Repair leaks – any leaks you have already will only get worse if they freeze and expand, fixing these leaks before the temperatures drop will help to protect your plumbing
      3. Service your boiler – it’s recommended to get your boiler serviced annually, this helps to ensure that it’s running as it should and means you have reliable heating throughout winter. If you live in rented accommodation, it’s a legal requirement for your landlord to service the boiler every year
      4. Locate your stopcock – in the event of emergency water leaks, it’s important you know where your stopcock is to prevent as much water damage as possible. You should have a main stopcock to stop the water supply to your home, this is normally located under the kitchen sink or in a utility room, however it can be located anywhere in your house. Check out our How Can I Locate My Internal Stop Tap? blog to find out more.

      How Can We Help?

      Here at Metro Plumb, our expert plumbers are here to help with any winter plumbing issues you may have. We can help with any of the problems mentioned above as well as a wide array of other plumbing problems that you may have. Whether it’s a dripping tap or a burst pipe, our local plumbers are on hand 24/7 nationwide to keep your plumbing in tip top condition.

      To find out more about how we can help you, call 0808 250 9949 or get in touch today!

      8th December 2022   |    Blogs How-to guides