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How to Repair Bath Enamel?

A tiny scratch, crack or chip in your bath can spoil the appearance of your beautiful bathtub. Fear not, there’s solutions out there that can help you repair bath enamel blemishes.

Off the shelf products can be handy to help rectify the issue and return your bath to its former glory, below are some handy tips on how to make the most out of them.

Apply the kit

Ensuring you follow the instructions of your repair product, apply the mixture to the chip or scratch, beginning in the centre and spreading the product out to the edges. You may feel the need to add more of the substance as you go or scrape off any excess that builds up.

It’s important to make sure the substance doesn’t get on your hands, skin or face; taking precautions, like wearing gloves, can help to prevent this.

Be aware that hairline cracks in ceramic surfaces cannot be repaired.

Leave and Wait

It’s time to let the mixture work its magic. Leave for at least 12 hours to dry, or the time the product instructions advise. During this time, do not allow the bathtub to get wet or damp. The kit may also require you to sand again after application to ensure a smooth surface.

After the time has elapsed, hopefully you can’t see your blemish anymore! A simple touch of paint may be required to finish the job.


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