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Waste Trap Replacement

If you believe you’ve got a broken or leaking waste trap, give our team of plumbers a call today. Our skilled engineers offer a waste trap repair and waste trap replacement service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Got an emergency? Call our 24/7/365 helpline! 0800 415 514

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Waste traps are designed to stop unpleasant odours from drains and sewers from entering your property. They can sometimes develop leaks and if left unrepaired, these leaks can lead to costly damage.

Often, people do not know they have a problem with their waste trap until they notice a pool of water under their sink/bath etc. Sometimes damage has already been caused to the cupboards and floors beneath and therefore it is vital that you have access to a fast and responsive plumbing service.

Our plumbers will work swiftly to identify the problem and make any necessary repairs to your waste trap. If a repair is going to prove uneconomical, they can advise on a complete replacement and carry this out with your approval.

Call us today if you have a leaking waste trap. Whilst waiting for an engineer to arrive, you can place a container beneath the waste trap to collect leaking water. An old towel can also be placed underneath to soak up any spillages.

You can be sure you are in safe hands; our plumbers are CRB/DBS checked as standard and committed to providing a friendly and efficient service.


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