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Water related issues within your home will likely cause you to contact a plumber. But is it always a plumber you need, or would a drainage expert better suit the job?

There’s a key difference between plumbing and drainage – plumbing relates to water coming into your property, while drainage involves the waste water flowing away from your premises. For example, if you cannot fill a sink because there is no running water, you need a plumber. Alternatively, if the issue lies with the sinks ability to drain the water, you need a drainage professional.

Here, we dissect all the things you’ll need to call a trusty Metro Plumb plumber for and all the issues you’d benefit from a drainage engineer.


Reasons Why You’ll Need a Plumber

Poor Water Pressure

If your taps only provide a trickle of water or the shower isn’t saturating you, you’re likely suffering from poor water pressure. Some areas of the country have naturally lower water pressure than others. However, if yours is usually good and suddenly changes, it’ll often be due to a small clog in the faucet’s aerator. A plumber can fix this.

There’s No Water Available

A total lack of water supply to your property is a plumbing issue. It could be caused by a blockage or a leak somewhere in the system but needs a plumber with diagnostic tools to resolve it as soon as possible and ensure your water supply returns.

Water Doesn’t Get Hot

Your boiler is responsible for heating the water in your plumbing system. If you suddenly find yourself unable to access hot water, call a plumber who’ll be able to check over your boiler and find the cause of the issue.

Your Pipes Have Burst

If water inside a pipe freezes when the temperature plummets, it expands and can cause a pipe to burst. If bursts and leaks are left alone without repair, they can cause long term damage to a property. To quickly identify which pipe has burst and to prevent further damage, contact a plumber as soon as possible.

The Toilet Runs Continually

If your toilet continues running hours after you flushed it, there may be an issue within your plumbing system – potentially in the seal that connects your toilet tank to its bowl. If the seal is damaged in any way, water will continually leak into the tank, which tells your toilet to refill over and over again. A plumber will fix the seal and, if it’s a different issue entirely, will provide advice on the best course of action.

Fitting New Appliances

Washing machines and dishwashers rely on water coming into the house to function properly. If you’re having new appliances installed, it pays to hire a plumber to support and ensure everything is hooked up correctly.


Reasons Why You’ll Need a Drainage Engineer

Gurgling Water

If your toilet or sink gurgles when you take a shower, or if the shower plughole starts bubbling whenever you flush the toilet, it’s likely your drain is clogged, and you’ll need the help of a drainage engineer. Gurgling happens when your system needs air as water passes through it. If you hear gurgling, contact a drainage engineer before the water starts backing up and causing damage.

Your Sink Is Slow to Drain

If your sinks and shower start taking longer than usual to drain, it’s usually down to a drainage issue. Typically, something is clogged in the system, and it needs to be removed. Drainage engineers can use drain snakes to dislodge clogs and ensure water runs freely out of your property.

Drainage Monitoring

If you live in a particularly old property or know the drainage system below your home is quite outdated, a drainage team can continually monitor your pipes to help prevent problems from happening before they occur.

Gaining access via a manhole, they can identify damages, cracks or chips in the drain pipe and fix the issue before it leads to a more severe one further down the line. High-pressure drain jetting is also used to remove blockages and prevent the build-up of fatbergs.

Drain Relining

Any drain pipes that do become broken must be repaired. Drainage teams use drain repair techniques, such as patch repair, pipe relining, and excavation, to fix broken pipes and keep disruption at your home to a minimum.


Contact the Plumbing and Drainage Experts

At Metro Plumb, we’ve got a team of expert plumbers readily available, day and night, to support you with all your plumbing needs. If the issue is related to your drains, Metro Rod are available 24/7, 365 days a year to not only fix the problem but provide recommended next steps to prevent further disruption.

Use this guide to identify whether you have a plumbing issue on your hands or drainage, and we’ll send the correct engineer to get your home back up and running.

Find your local Metro Plumb by visiting our find a local plumber page or call us on 0808 250 9949.

8th December 2021   |    Blogs