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Got an emergency? Call our 24/7/365 helpline! 0800 415 514

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Metro Plumb offer a range of Legionella water services

Water system management

Legionella bacteria is found commonly in commercial and domestic hot and cold-water systems. Legionella prefers temperatures between 20C and 45C and is particularly dangerous as it thrives at human body temperature. Temperatures above 60C ensure the bacteria will not survive. This is the reason for setting hot water thermostats at a suitable level. Temperatures below 20C ensure the bacteria remains dormant.

Legionella risk assessments

A risk assessor will visit your premises and carry out a detailed survey to establish the current risk and propose any actions necessary to mitigate the risk.

This will involve measurement and recording of the following data and images

  • Site equipment
  • Compliance with WRAS (Water fittings regulations)
  • Temperatures throughout the system
  • Configuration of pipe work
  • Detailed inspection of all system pipe work and assets.

Water testing

Samples will be collected from the building and analysed for bacteria and Chemical content at a UKAS accredited laboratory. A detailed report will be submitted on completion with an explanation of content and a list of recommendations to ensure the safety of all exposed to the system.

Water system Disinfection (Chlorination)

This involves drain and clean of any scale or debris from storage tanks or hot water cylinder, which can mask legionella bacteria. System capacity is carefully calculated and a chemical is added to water and distributed throughout the system. After a period (soak time) the chemical is removed and neutralized before being discharged to the drainage system. Clean water is returned to the system on completion.

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