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Metro Plumb has now partnered with Surestop, a unique and innovative stopcock provider, providing a wide variety of remote stopcocks which allow you to switch off your water at the flick of a switch. Our expert plumbers are qualified Surestop Platinum installers, meaning they are able to fit all of Surestop’s products throughout your home, providing you with a reliable, easy way to switch off your water supply.

Whether you want to isolate your whole home, or just want to be able to isolate a single appliance, there’s a Surestop product available to meet your needs. There’s no need for electricity with their remote stopcocks as they work purely on water pressure, and as they are made from a glass-filled nylon, they are safe to use with potable water supplies and are naturally limescale resistant too. They are quick and simple to install, with installation usually taking less than an hour, to see how easy it is to install a Surestop remote stopcock check out our plumber Shane in action:

Here you can see Shane installing a Surestop stopcock, with remote switch, underneath our customers sink. This will allow the customer to isolate their water supply at the flick of a switch, instead of relying on the current, old-fashioned brass stop cock which can be prone to seizing.

If you would like to see which Surestop stopcock is right for you, our expert plumbers are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help advise and help with your plumbing problems. With over 40 depots across the country, we’re never far away, get in touch today to find out more.

Or, if you would like to find out more about our partner Surestop, and what products they have available, you can visit their website here.

28th October 2022   |    Blogs Videos