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Unvented Hot Water Systems

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An unvented or pressurised hot water system delivers hot water at near mains water pressure to a tap or appliance once opened. This system has no reliance on a tank in the loft to cater for expansion and venting, hence the name

This system is the norm in Europe an becoming more popular in the UK since introduction in the mid 1980’s

The system works by taking cold water directly from the mains water supply and heating it within the unvented cylinder, then storing it until required. The water can be heated by immersion heaters, a gas boiler through an indirect coil or increasingly by solar or other energy efficient methods.

These cylinders can be used for small use items such as under sink heaters or for larger domestic an commercial applications.

Unvented cylinders are generally very reliable but have several features that can give problems over time, which include pressure reducing valves, non-return valves, Pressure relief valves and temperature relief valves, failure of the heat source. It is a requirement of all Unvented Cylinder owners to have the cylinder inspected at least every year.

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