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Ever been kept awake at night by the sound of a tap that won’t stop dripping? It might seem like a tiny amount of water is leaking and not worth the time and cost to fix, but those constant droplets can slowly add a lot to your bills and ultimately, damage your property.

If this is happening at your house, consider fixing it as soon as you can to stop dropping any more money down the drain – literally!


The Risks of Dripping Taps

Leaking bathroom tap


Did you know that a constantly dripping tap can waste over 180 litres of water each day? That’s the same as 66,000 litres over the course of a year, which has the potential to add hundreds of pounds to your water bill. And that’s just if the water is cold.

If the problem is with your hot tap, you’ll also pay a whole lot more for your gas bill while your heated water goes straight down the plughole. Plus, if you fail to fix your dripping tap, water can pool, leading to the growth of mould which is harmful to people inside your home. There is also the potential for water to damage any surrounding floorboards or cabinets, making them rot. Aside from the additions to your water and gas bill, and any potential damage to your home, wasted water also isn’t great for the environment, especially when the country is experiencing droughts every summer.


Fixing a Leaking Tap


Repairing a dripping tap is a quick job for an experienced plumber, who should be familiar with virtually any tap and be able to diagnose the problem quickly.

Most often, it’s a case of the washers inside your taps having degraded over time. When this happens, water can seep through the tap and keep dripping even when it’s fully closed. Similarly, rubber seals can deteriorate if limescale gets into them. These are quick and easy to replace, meaning the drips can be put to rest. Alternatively, it might be the built-in tap cartridges that are to blame – this can be a more complex fix and might require a whole new tap to be installed.

If you’re handy with DIY you might be tempted to try and fix a tap yourself, but if it were to go wrong you could end up causing serious damage within your home. Instead, call one of our experts who always carry the essential parts required to fix leaking taps. And if the tap does need replacing, our engineer will talk you through the options available and organise a fix date.


Need a Local Plumber?


Leaky and faulty taps are amongst the most common domestic plumbing problems. If you need our local plumbers to fix your leaking tap for good, our experts are on hand to help 24/7/365. Metro Plumb offers free no-obligation quotations and estimates on all plumbing works across the UK. Contact our friendly team on 0808 250 9949 or book a repair slot with your local plumber.

28th July 2023   |    Blogs