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If you have an unvented cylinder, where your water tank is directly fed by the mains water supply, then it may surprise you to know that it’s recommended to service your unvented cylinder annually; just like you should with your boiler.

You might even find that an annual service is part of the terms and conditions of your cylinder’s warranty and if you have home insurance, it may be in that contract too.


Why Should I Service My Unvented Cylinder?

These types of water storage tanks are at risk of more problems than a standard open-vented system, as they are fed directly by the mains water supply which increases the pressure inside them. This could cause issues if they aren’t serviced and maintained regularly and could even result in your tank becoming unsafe.


What Does a Service Include?

When you get your cylinder serviced, the technician should inspect and test the general cylinder and its components.

You should expect them to assess:

  • General cylinder condition
  • Pressure relief valve operation
  • Expansion vessel pressure
  • Temperature relief valve operation
  • Thermostat operation
  • Immersion heater thermostat operation
  • Immersion heater test and load check
  • Water temperature check
  • Water pressure and flow rates
  • Thermostat operation

The plumber completing your service should be trained on the necessary steps to service your unvented cylinder; however, there are some slight variations between different brands of cylinders, so it would be helpful to have your owner’s manual or instruction guide to hand for them. In order to speed up your service, we would also recommend that you clear the surrounding area free of items and obstructions so the plumber can easily access every part of the cylinder.


Can any Plumber Service My Cylinder?

Due to the higher risks associated with the increased pressure of these tanks, only a G3 Unvented qualified plumber should complete any work on unvented cylinders. This is to ensure that the plumber is educated about the risks associated with an unvented cylinder and ensures they are fully trained in the correct way to safely perform any maintenance for repairs.


How can Metro Plumb Help With My Unvented Cylinder?

Here at Metro Plumb, we have G3 qualified plumbers across the country to help with your unvented cylinder servicing, maintenance, and repairs. In addition, all our plumbers are DBS checked, fully equipped, and insured to deal with any plumbing problem you may have. Find your local plumber and get in touch today.

22nd June 2023   |    Blogs